pro for free| Mega Cloud Edu method (100% working)


About MEGA

Mega cloud storage is one of the most secured cloud storage service which cares about your privacy for real. Mega offers various subscription and storage capacity according to your need. It provides both free and paid subscriptions. Mega cloud pro subscription is one of the hot offers that mega provides. That’s why today we are providing you method to get mega cloud pro subscription for free. You will get 400 GB of mega cloud storage and 12 TB transfer Quota with our method. Save your money and stop your search for mega pro method because the method I am going to provide you is the only reliable and legal method available on the internet for getting mega cloud pro for free.

Mega is cloud storage service that provides highly secured storage service with end to end encryption. Mega is Aukland based company. It is quite popular for it’s free 15 GB cloud storage to its users. Mega offers cloud storage and file hosting service and various subscriptions. It is best known for its encrypted file sharing links, media, and files preview. Mega cloud offers its service with web-based apps for windows, mac, ios, and android platform.

Mega Subscriptions details

Let’s discuss the subscription offered by mega. 
  • Mega free: You can get 15 GB mega cloud storage for free. You need to signup to with your email. 
  • Mega pro lite: With this subscription, you can get 400GB cloud storage with 1 TB transfer base Quota. It cost $5.39 per month. 
  • Mega pro I: With this subscription, you can get 2000GB cloud storage and 2 TB transfer quota per month. It cost $10.79 per month. 
  • Mega pro II: This subscription provides you 8000GB cloud storage for just $21.60 per month. You get 8 TB bandwidth per month. 
  • Mega pro III: You get 16000GB cloud storage and 16 TB transfer quota just for cost of $32.40 per month. This subscription is best for organizations with large number of documents mostly.

Features of mega


You can sync your data on the device easily with mega. One of its key features is you can just sync files and transfer from one mega cloud to another with just file sharing links. Just use apps of mega and sync files from one mega account to another. This makes file sharing easier a lot as we don’t need to download and upload files like we do with traditional cloud service providers.

File sharing

File sharing is more secured and encrypted. Even links are encrypted. You can also add highly secured key on link to make file sharing more secured.


Mega provides end-to-end zero-knowledge encryption. This makes sharing and storing of file highly secured. Mega is suitable for sharing confidential documents because of it’s high security.

File preview

You can preview your file on mega website or apps. Preview of media like photo, videos and documents are also available with the file-sharing link. Because of this feature you can know about the file you are downloading.

Web apps

Web-based apps makes file management and syncing more easier. Desktop extension of mega is available to make its use more effective on desktop browsers. Android and ios apps are also highly user friendly.

Process to get mega cloud pro for free

✘ You need to have edu email for this method. Any type of edu email works for this method. I have tested with edu email of various universities and colleges and every single of them worked. We can get a mega pro lite subscription of 1 year for free. Let’s discuss how to get mega cloud pro for free in detail.

☑ You need to have edu email for getting mega cloud pro lite for free. You can use your own edu email.

☑ Now we need to email mega cloud with our edu email. Sent an email at like I did. I will give you sample of the email which I had sent to mega cloud. You can modify it as per your choice.

☑ Here is the sample of the email that I sent to the mega cloud to get a free voucher code of pro lite subscription. Please be creative and modify the email rather than just copy-pasting.
Subject: Regarding extra storage


I am a student. In this hard
time, I am getting lots of digital
materials for my study but I am
having a lack of storage capacity.
I am looking for some place to
store my educational materials.
It would be lovely to get one
account from you.

Thank you

☑ Now wait about an hour or day and you will get your voucher code on your edu email. Remember this method gives 100% working rate with edu email.

☑ Now after you got your free voucher code of mega pro lite subscription, you need to redeem it.

☑ Login to cloud website with your mega account.

☑ Now open a new tab on same browser and go to Then enter the free mega cloud pro lite voucher code that you got on email.

☑ After that it will ask if you want to redeem your free mega cloud voucher. Click okay.

☑ Congratulations, you got mega cloud pro lite subscription for free 

☑ Enjoy your free mega cloud storage pro subscription for 1 year.


Now Mega Stopped this Edu Service But If You Try With Your Real EDU Mail, There Is a Chance To Get Mega Premium For Free 💯.