Google Cloud Free 200$ Credit via Qwiklabs (Only For RDP Purposes)


About Qwiklabs labs

Qwiklabs labs are hands-on labs. A hands-on lab is an online learning environment along with a set of instructions to walk you through a live, real world, and scenario-based use case. In a lab you have access to the actual environment you want to learn about, not a simulation or demo environment. You can access the lab environment from anywhere on the Internet using a standard browser. Most labs require credits to access, but there are a number of free introductory labs available as well. Qwiklabs does not provide any official certificate regarding lab completion. However, you can earn badges by completing Qwiklabs Quests.

Qwiklabs provides real cloud environments that help developers and IT professionals learn cloud platforms and software.

$200 free credits on Qwiklabs

There is a way by which you can get unlimited 1-month Qwiklabs credit for free even without edu email or google cloud. Follow The Step Below.

01.Visit this link first and register with your Google account. Click on the join option.


02.Now either direct signup with your Gmail account or just enter your email account and sign up.


03.Then click you agree with their policies


04.After that visit this link and copy the code in a page like “1m-freelabs-433”. This code will be used to get free credit.


05.Now go to this link and enter the code which you just copied in above step


06.Just click on sign in option again and enter your previous email and log in with which you registered on Qwiklabs.

07.After that go to ” A tour of qwiklabs and google cloud platform” option


08.Click on start lab option and wait for about 30 seconds. After that end the lab


09.Now go back to and refresh your page.

10.Now you can see you have unlimited credit for 1 month. Enjoy your free credits

Making RDP with qwiklabs 

You can Create unlimited times for free, Follow The instruction bellow

1.You can use this link and setup 3hour 20 minute qwiklab and make 3 hours 20-minute RDP for free. 

2.Just start a lab and click on use subscription

3.Now some login details will be given to you. Click on open google console option which is at the top left. And sign in with the credentials given to you


4.Set up your locations and other details and agree with the policies.


5.Then click on compute engine option. This is where you will create your rdp


6.Click on create option. Choose server, os and other things as per your choice and finish


7.Now just to RDP option and get your login information for your RDP. I think you will know how to do that easily so, I am leaving.


Have Fun With Your Subscription.Till Then Take Care & Bye. If You Face Any Problem Just Knock Me On Telegram @telekit71